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Customer Review:

Iver Johnson,

Just wanted to let you know that today I finally got a chance to put a couple hundred round through My new Iver Johnson Thrasher SS.What a great gun. Feels great, shoots great from the first round. The weight helps with the recoil for sure. II t seemed that my 9mm Thrasher had less recoil then my wife’s Bersa Thunder 380.I am soooo pleased with it. I was showing it to people at the range and they loved it.I let one guy shoot it and he took down all the info and even took pics of it. And said he was definitely going to look in one.  
Oh yea, and the fit and finish is beautiful. Excellent gun.  
Thanks, Dennis

Magazine or Video Review:

  • Review of the Thrasher officer models in American Handgunner by John Taffin, issue July/August 2012, starting on page 32.  At the following link, click the Overview button to see all pages from this issue:


  • Video review of the Iver Johnson Eagle by The Firearms Channel: