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      Rare 30 cal. M1 / M2 Carbine Stocks

Rare opportunity.  Limited Quantities.  M1 / M2 original Korean War era military carbine stocks with wood handguard.  No potbellied stocks, the M2's are the same as the M1's except for the cut out for where the selector would be, inside the stock, not visible.  Condition is good.  No busted stocks.  Original Korean writing on stocks.  No metal parts come with stocks.  All stocks are original, dark stained.  There will be no hand picking. 

***We also have a few original Carbine stocks from same era, but they are unfinished and unused.  These are a higher price and there are only about 30 available.

We also have in stock, new manufactured stocks in both walnut and birch, unfinished.